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Free Flow Gran Canaria Spain

26 Οκτωβρίου 2019 - 4:00:00 μ.μ.


The art of self healing is a series of  seminars designed by Michalis Mourtzis suitable for all those who would like to promote their physical, emotional and spiritual health. The vision behind these seminars is to give enough elements to the participants so that they can start healing and transforming their reality as well as the reality of the people and the world around them.

The seminars focus on helping us regain a harmonious flow in our everyday life. Through meditational practices, Ayurvedic techniques, chi kung and yin yoga together with modern methods of body psychotherapy we  discover new ways of reuniting with the source of our personal power and happiness. 

In FREE FLOW we  see practical ways that we can apply in our daily lives so that we are happier, healthier and free. The participants will gradually gain a more healthy, conscious and free flow in their body, energy and emotions.

The FREE FLOW series will develop 10 different areas:

1 The physical body, understanding our blockages 

2 Personal flow and emotional release

3 Elements of self-observation

4 Improvement of habits Creative visualization

5 Conscious handling of our energy

6 Hypnotherapy, Dreams, reality and their interpretation

7 Meditation, Consciousness and observation

8 Unblocking expression and returning to a natural flow

9 The ability to feel secure, flexible and well grounded

10 Unblocking of the sexual flow

These seminars are open to anyone and there is no need of any prior knowledge to join. Free Flow can be an important tool for yoga and pilates teachers as well as alternative and holistic healers. It can also be very beneficial for professionals of the performing arts, psychotherapists and to anyone with a genuine interest and an open vision regarding the development of the self 


Gran Canaria Spain    26-27/10/19                23-24/11/19                                          18-19/1/20   14-15/3/20    9-10/5/20
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