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Carlos De Leon - Rasa Tantra

24-29 June 2020| Greece

( εδω ελληνική μετάφραση


Amrita school of Meditation, Healing & Chikung ​

24-29 June 2020| Greece ( ελληνική μετάφραση


Rasa Tantra

Rasa = juice, essence, or a state of consciousness sustained by a specific emotional experience.
Tantra= flow, expansion, weaving, continuity, can also refer to a text or an experiential knowledge of transformation.
Rasa Tantra is therefore the knowledge of using our emotional states for our transformation. 

In Rasa Tantra there are 10 Rasas or emotional states of consciousness
that sustain our karmic patterns and behaviors.

Some of these Rasas cause unpleasant experiences and generally
unwanted and rejected by the person, and there are also Rasas that we
generally describe as desirable, pleasant and even that provide us with "peak" experiences in our life.

The most common rasas are 9:

love, joy, wonder, courage, calm, anger, sadness, fear and disgust, and the most rare and in fact produced by
the mature experience of the previous 9, is Devotion, the Rasa associated with a state of divine communion and liberation.
Rasas are one of the main forces or Shaktis that keep the individual fighting in karmic duality. 

Rasas are also the forces of movement and transformation of the
personality of being. Without these there would be no evolution and
the internal force that drives the individual to change.

In Rasa Tantra we learn to:
1. Recognize Rasas and its importance in our lives.
2. Transcend the duality of our experience.
3. Use the power of Rasas to transform our experience.
4. Live our life by consciously shading it with the Rasas of our
5. Use them as a release vehicle.

Rasa Tantra technology includes two paths:
A. Tapasya Rasa: the discipline of using resistance to emotions to bring
observation, control and transcendence of them.
B. Rasavatam: the alchemical technology of emotions.
In this teaching cycle, we associate each Rasa with a male and a female

Ishta Devata, as follows:

The selected Devis are the 9 forms of Durga and the tenth is the main Durga, who represents the Great Mother, the primordial Shakti.

The work will be presented in two retreats; In the first we will work
with the first 5 Rasas and the last 5 in the second. 

What can we expect in the retreats?

• Presentation of the necessary tantric bases.
• Introspection processes and recognition of Rasas in our experience.
• Psycho-body therapy processes.
• Greater understanding of our Neurosis and how it limits our
experience and possibility of Liberation (Moksha).
• Tantric practices of skillful means, to improve our daily living
• Meditation.
• Cultivate our Bhakti or Devotion.

The Ishta Devata in Jungian terms is an archetypical meditative symbol
that acts as a powerful tool of transformation of our psyche In order to
reach in an easier way the experience of the Self, our True Nature.


Teachings will take place in Arahova, Greece, hotel


The total cost is per person and includes:

  • Teachings

  • Hotel room

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • 2 Coffee breaks

- It is very important that you let us know when you confirm your
attendance who you will be sharing room with (if we do not receive this
information by June 1st we will assign a roommate for you).


1. Send an email to with your full name, your country
and a telephone number, informing us about the package you are
interested in.

2. To participate you need to make a deposit of 100 euros by the 1st of
May at the latest, or send us a receipt of your flight ticket.
3. Full payment must be made upon arrival, at the registration desk .

ALL PAYMENTS ARE IN CASH. No cheques or credit cards are accepted.
Only those that have followed all the previous steps will be considered
as registered.


Carlos will teach in English and since the retreat is taking place in Greece
we will provide Greek translation. If you require translation in Spanish
please contact Liz Stringlos at


We can provide transportation on the day of the beginning and end of
the retreat, to and from the hotel. The total cost will vary from 15 to 30
euros according to booking numbers. Seats are limited to 50, so you
have to book as soon as possible. The bus will depart from a central
location in Athens around 07:00 in the morning on the 24th of June.

Dailly Schedule

Teachings will start on JUNE 24 at 12:00 noon and finish on JUNE 29 at 14:00

7:00-8:00 Teachings
8:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-12:00 Teachings
12:00-12:15 Coffee
12:15-14:00 Teachings
14:00-16:00 Lunch
16:00-18:00 Teachings
18:00-18:15 Coffee

18:15-20:00 Teachings
20:00-21:00 Dinner
21:00-..... Teachings + questions


In 1983, Carlos has a strong experience that led him to visit Kashmir,
India. This experience led him to keep visiting india for 17 more times.
On his first voyage under extremely fortunate circumstances, Carlos met
in Kashmir his root guru in shivist Tantra, Swami Shankarananda
Saraswati, a Kapalika and an Aghori, head of the lineage Anandanamah,
who initiated Carlos, as head of that lineage before obtaining
Mahasamadhi. In that lineage, Carlos is known as Swami Nityananda,
and the pith chosen by his teacher is in Kashmir.
Carlos has taken instruction with several hindu teachers. The most
significant for him are
Swami Siddhananda, Aghora.
Dr Narayan Dutta Shrimali, tantra.
Sriman Narayan, Aghora y Shakta Tantra.
Yogui Raj Mool, tantra.
Swami Siddhananda, Tantra Shaiva.
Swami Swayamananda, Bhakti Yoga.
Swami Ramananda, Tantra.
Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga.
Kalavadhuta Sat Purananda, Aghora, Kaula.
Sri Amritananda, Sri Chakra, Vedic Kaula.
Harish Johari, tantra.
Maa Parvathi Nath Saraswati, Yoguini Kaula Tantra.
Maa Kamala Mukherjee, Aghora Tantra.
Srimali Devi
Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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